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FSSCC History

After the Civil War, Adolf Schlameous opened a private school which is remembered as the first school conducted in Fischer.  In 1875, Potter’s Creek School was established as Fischer's first public school.

In 1886, the name of the school was changed to Fischer Store School and a new building was erected on 30 acres given by Otto Fischer. The school burned in 1940, and was replaced by the present building which has been restored. Classes were conducted in this building until 1957.  Several of our present members attended classes in the building during that time.


The Fischer School began in the late 1800's with one very strict teacher who made the students, mostly boys, ages 7 to 20, behave through the use of the "good, old golden RULER."  Two water runs a day were made, mostly by the fellows, who went down the hill to the Fischer House and carried up a bucket full. Everyone then drank from a communal dipper.

The school stands on approximately 30 acres, large enough so the horses many of the students rode to school, could graze during the day.  The original one-room school house burned and much of the existing building was built in the 1940's by locals.  Along the way, a second room and the stage were added.  The rock steps, which we are still using, are the original ones from the 1800's.

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